Systemic Consulting & Coaching

Systemic Consultancy and Coaching

What is it?

It is a developmental approach that looks at a family or a business as a continuously changing mass of relationships, hierarchies, loyalties, and motivations, like a cloud with each part connected to and influencing every other part. It is a discipline that deals with system dynamics instead of linear thinking interventions, which usually focus on symptomatic quick fixes, not underlying causes, temporary relief that creates still more pressure later on for the same kind of interventions.

When to use it?

Systemic work is valuable when there is no apparent path to a solution. Previous attempts to resolve a situation have not been successful or the whole system is stuck in repeated “damaging” patterns.

What does it do?

Systemic work aims at developing the following in families and organizations:

  • Systemic Awareness, the ability to realize and understand how they get stuck in "repeated" patterns
  • Systemic Intelligence, the capacity to apply systemic principles in everyday life, in and out of the workplace
  • Systemic Wisdom, knowing what works and what doesn't work, shifting the inner place from which one operates, unraveling the web of entanglements that members of a system unconsciously end up in

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