Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is an interactive process that is designed to help individuals to develop rapidly. It is usually work related and focused on improving performance or behaviour. It is a goal-orientated form of personally tailored learning for a busy executive.

The essential features of executive coaching are that it is a short-term, time limited, paid for, goal specific, action orientated, personally tailored approach to learning. It utilises feedback and offers some objectivity.

What motivates employers to commission executive coaching? What is it they hope to gain?

 Five main motives for organizations in introducing executive coaching. These were categorized as:

  • to support the induction or appointment of a senior person into a more senior, or different role
  • to accelerate the personal development of individuals defined as ‘high potential’, or individuals from a minority group identified for affirmative action
  • to underpin the effective implementation of organization change, through supporting teams and individuals
  • as a critical friend or independent sounding board to a senior individual
  • to support senior individuals engaged in wider personal effectiveness programs, such as 360-degree appraisal or development centers.