Administration of Human Resources

Organizations waste time and energy on the management of none core functions support staff such as drivers, telephone operators, secretaries, office assistants, temporary workers, and consultants. Through the outsourcing of HR administration services, the employer is relieved of the burden of personnel management. The administered staff receives the same benefits package as if they are working directly for the employer. GMS handles payroll processing, salary tax payment, social security, and medical and life insurance coverage.

Advantages for outsourcing the HR Admin function:

  • Take on all legal obligations for employees' salaries, payroll deductions, and worker's compensation, so you have peace of mind and reduce administrative time. You can be confident that payroll is being handled conscientiously by experienced payroll experts
  • Provide simple invoicing so your management can confirm invoicing accuracy and improve record-keeping
  • Handle all payroll-related employee relations, from supplying customized enrollment packets to fielding payroll questions, frees up your management, and keeps daily employee interactions more focused on performance rather than on payroll issues
  • Provide a single point of contact and the reliability of consistent, optimized payroll administration
  • Shift the legal burden of outplacements and terminations.